The good buzz from our happy customers was making us smile so we just had to share their views…

I just wanted to learn how to run again. I hadn’t done it for years and it was really hard at first but then Sarada helped me find my rhythm.

It’s a completely different skill for me. I’m used to doing high intensity interval training, I’m used to weightlifting, i’m used to long distance running but i’d never sprinted before and I loved that the Dash sessions broke down the technique and that I saw such results in such a short space of time.

I like to Dash because I love that it’s 30 minutes and I can do it after work or before work and I never used to think I could run and to go and to find out that I can run and also to run races annd all the things that were always fun at school about running. And to do that all together – that’s why I DASH!