About Us

About Us

Your team at DASH are experienced track athletes, we all met whilst training with the same Olympic Coach, Ron Roddan, so it’s safe to say we’ve picked up a thing or two. We’ve been running and jumping our entire lives, it’s engrained in us and we absolutely love it.

Our goal is to teach, to get you running the right way so that running becomes natural, effortless, you understand your body & stay injury-free. We don’t run, we sprint – & don’t be put off by that word, it’s actually easier to run faster – we promise!

We’re here to show you how, to motivate you & to be your coach.
Hope to see you soon!

Photo of Dash Team instructors

To find out more about us contact: [email protected]

We’re a team of trained track athletes
We’re sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers
We’re competitive, passionate, we know how
And we want to share it with you

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