A Runners Dream

A Runners Dream

“I was never much of a runner in my school days, thanks to my dad I started running with him in the weeks before I left for university.  My dad started running later in life and said running was his ‘gift’ to me as a coping mechanism for life.   Boy was he right.  I used it to make friends and navigate my way into the real world.  It became my comfort blanket, my release and my headspace.

I started joining running clubs all over London and running marathons and felt like I was on top of the world until all of a sudden out of blue, after years of finding and fuelling my passion, I spiralled into injury. I tried everything specialists, scans, meds, therapy eventually after a number of years I’d gained back my strength.

Feeling fit enough to try running again, I decided to give DASH a try, I’d met Sarada previously, knowing she was an athlete, made me confident that I (and my injuries would be in good hands).

I couldn’t believe how different DASH was.  Not only was it a brilliant work out – I felt like I had worked as hard I usually do on my long training runs in a fraction of the time! – but she doesn’t just get your blood pumping she actually coaches you from experience and expertise on what to do.

Perhaps even more importantly she gets you to think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing.  Then tells you what mechanically you can do to make it better and helps you to practice the adjustments.

Over the course of a couple sessions i’ve started to incorporate the mechanics naturally, and everything  and it just makes everything fall into place.  My physio has even commented on how much better my form is and how much stronger I am.

DASH hasn’t just helped me become a better runner its helped me to run effortlessly which has made me stronger, faster and without even a hint of irony ‘fearless’.  Because running is so important to me, after my chain of injuries I started to worry every time I hit the pavement that something was going to blow and I was going to told/forced once again to hang up my trainers.  But now with DASH I have the confidence that I know that I’m doing it right and moreover I’m doing it well.

Sarada and superstar athletes are unbelievably talented and the sessions are genius. Not only do I trust them to kick my butt into shape every time, but I trust them with my most prised passion, my running.”

If you want to see how DASH can help you check out our classes here

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