Check out DOSE

Check out DOSE

So our latest favourite wellness publication at the moment is DOSE. It’s just one of those online mags that’s just as sexy as Stylist but gets straight to the point and it’s centred around what you can do and achieve in London so you never feel left out (if that’s what you’re looking for!)
A perfect collection of fitness, food, travel, fashion etc. it tends to write about things that are relevant like “how to stay stress free through marathon training” or (our favourite topic) is actually all about the Mind. Headed up by the wisest of words: “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” – it’s so true and if only we did this more… but they always have tips on latest ways in which you can achieve this.

You also might spot a friendly face on there in the form of us 🙂 – we were actually lucky enough to get asked for a Q&A on the benefits of sprinting and what’s like to work with sporting elite. Go check out all the ways in which you can have peace of mind and a few tips on how to be #fasterforit

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