Counting down to April’s London marathon!

Counting down to April’s London marathon!

Marathon runners…by now, you’re probably doing quite a lot of background and distance, which is great and seriously continue to do it. But what a lot of runners don’t have is pace judgement. In order to run fast, you have to practise running fast, which you can’t really do I your longer runs. What we recommend is varying the pace and getting in a couple of bursts of speed sessions a week. That way, you’ll actually be far more confident in picking up the pace and running a bit quicker when you need to. Running fast is always one of these things that feels quite scary at first but it’s the one thing that really helps to build your confidence & once you have that set you’re most of the way there.

Always, always, always start speed sessions with running drills to get the body used to moving quickly. It acts as a great warm up and ensures you activate the right muscle groups.

Push yourself a little further in January, practise your speed & see your confidence and your pace judgement improve. Just remember your body is far more capable than what you think it is.

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