I’m not a runner, but I DASH

I’m not a runner, but I DASH

“I’m not a runner, never have been, it’s never really interested me if I’m honest.

Earlier this year my friend dragged me along to a new class she had seen based on sprint training – now you can imagine what I thought, but being the good friend I am I went along….and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.”

“After completing the warm up, it suddenly became apparent that I’ve never been taught how to run. Well no one does teach you to, do they? But apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong for the last 35 years. Sarada, who was taking our class, showed me the correct way to run, really simple things like changing my posture and pushing the ground away from you to push you forward and increase your speed. Running the way I was used to, was actually using more energy but not getting me as far – keeping my pace slower but causing me more pain – literally.

Now I’m not saying this made the class easy, but I could feel a difference in the way that I was performing straight away, and I liked that.  Much to my amazement, I completed the class along with the rest of the group, and actually enjoyed it at the end – I felt a real sense of achievement. Sarada had the perfect balance of encouragement but pushing you to keep going when you thought you’d had enough.

2 months in and I’m hooked, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my ability, a change in my shape and the sessions give me so much energy. Maybe they’ll make a a runner out of me yet…”

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