No excuses – running for all ages!

No excuses – running for all ages!

We hate it when people use ‘too old’ as an excuse for not doing something, especially running. Age is just a number and one of our favourite DASHers Dr Kathryn Remington reminds us why…

“I have never been keen on strenuous exercise (understatement!) so when I turned 60 I reassured myself that I needn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t doing any. Over the years I have tried so many different forms of exercise but not stuck to ANY as I really didn’t enjoy them. However my middle was expanding and I knew I had to do something about it. I started running with Sarada 4 months ago and it’s been brilliant! Just once a week for 30 minutes has not only improved my fitness and stamina but also my balance. She has taught me how to run properly and with her encouragement, I have surprised myself at how much I have improved. Last year, if anybody told me I’d be at a park at 7am every week I would think they were mad!”

We think Kathryn is ace, check out her video on our Facebook page.

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