Try something new in 2017 – Sprint!

Try something new in 2017 – Sprint!

Bored of your usual fitness routine? Wanting to try something new?

Routine can be boring right? I always find doing the same thing and the same workout can just be laborious & actually you can come to a point where you just feel like you’re going backwards.

Varied workouts that complement one another are always the best! Make your 2017 your year to be fearless, try something new and mix it up!

Have your ever sprinted? (You know that thing you used to do at school but probably actually haven’t ever done properly since then) – well, it’s really fun & the best part is that it’s over really quickly. When I run fast I actually feel so exhilarated, like I actually let everything go. You’re actually forced not to think – it’s seriously the best feeling ever. And doing it right and seeing yourself progress, makes it all the more worthwhile. Learning to run is one of these things we take for granted, but once you learn to run, you learn to sprint and become all the more fearless (mentally and physically) for it.

Try something new….. Sprint!

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