Wellness. What’s this all about then?

Wellness. What’s this all about then?

“Wellness. What’s this all about then?”

This weekend we discovered Daylesford’s “Eat to be Healthy” Thai Supper Club. The theme was Wellness – and so I started to wonder what this actually meant? We live in a society where we consume so much, is this just another cover up for something else in order for us to consume more stuff? Surely not.

Having a quick read and without citing numerous articles it’s kind of an equilibrium – moving towards a sense of life balance – you know all of that mind, body, spirit stuff that the majority of us know vaguely about and we kind of sort of half believe it, do something for a bit and then go back to old habits. It’s about making sure we do things that complement our life in all areas.

Yes it still sounds a little fluffy, but take Daylesford’s Thai Supper Club. Offering a carefully thought out well-chosen set menu, which was great because having somebody choose for you means that you are bound to try something new.

The menu was not only extremely tasty (you only have to look at the Spiced Wood Roasted Beef Salad to imagine) but also full of goodness, which just proves that things that are good for you can taste good too. We ate well and that was easy because they chose for me but that’s in fact what wellness: choice. And not just choice but being aware of our choices. And of course making the right choice.

In a world fuelled with temptation it’s so easy to eat the cake that you promised you wouldn’t, go back to the ex because there’s nothing better to do, or of course not workout because the TV is far more tempting. So next time let’s just be aware of what we’re choosing to do. Dare to be different and do something that will complement you.

To delve into a weekend fuelled with Wellness why not check out Daylesford’s Health & Wellness Retreat this January.


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